Alex Cunningham, Labour candidate for Stockton North

Alex Cunningham

Labour candidate for Stockton North

  • Action on Health and Social Care
    I will continue my fight for a 21st century hospital for our area, more GPs and the resources needed to sort out the crisis in social care affecting so many of our older people
  • Properly funded schools to educate our children
    I will work to restore the funding cuts to our local schools and ensure that EVERY child can have the resources they need to reach their full potential.
  • Jobs
    My work with trade unions, business and industry to protect and bring new investment and well-paid jobs to our area will remain a priority
  • Transport
    I’ll work with my communities and others to campaign for the transport systems they need with buses and investment in trains and infrastructure top of the list
  • Police and Crime
    I’ll highlight the anxieties of local people over increased crime and anti-social behaviour and work to get our 500 police officers back.

A record of service. See here what I have been doing over the past few years to represent you




Alex Cunningham, Labour Candidate for Stockton North